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We are a two-person business-to-business consultancy providing strategic messaging, communications and marketing support for progressive companies and organizations. 

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A Tale of Two Messages

It was that final week of December, when most companies are pulling in the last-minute sales that will drive the quarter, and for many, the year. Crunch time. And not just for those who work in sales, but also for their spouses, who feel that anxiety too. It was during this hell week when my husband walked in from work, calmly sat down, asked about my day -- and then completely lost it. Something about a big deal that was hours from closing, one that would help his team make the quarter and his

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Communication via the Business Meeting: What You Love & Hate the Most

As communications professionals, we tend to focus on the written word. We like to make sure our messages are efficiently written and communicated effectively. But what about the spoken word? I was recently in a meeting where I suddenly found myself rambling. I quickly self- corrected, but it got me thinking: we’re taught early on to hone our written communication skills, but what about how we convey our points in person? Workplace meetings and conference calls are staples of daily work-life, an

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Communications Mecca: Is It Possible?

My son, recently home for his college spring break, was trying to describe a principle they were learning in physics. About the time he started talking about Newton and subatomic particles I was zoning out. He quickly redirected, “Mom, it’s like a viral post. Once a bunch of people with different followings start retweeting, it gains momentum. It’s hard to stop.” Suddenly I was wide awake. I got it. Well, not Newton’s law, but how it pertained to what I could relate to – communications. It’s ex

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Don’t Toss the Newspaper Yet

Every few months I place an article I’ve ripped from the morning’s Washington Post in front of my teenage son’s bowl of Cheerios, hoping when he sits down, he’ll read what I circled with a black Sharpie. I casually glance over to see how far along he is on the piece about vaping or the local feature on his new STEM school. Instead I find him scrolling through his phone in between bites of banana. “How about that article on your school featured in the Post…wow,” I goad him a bit. “Cool,” he mum

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Is Creativity Hurting Your Brand?

I’ve been at the “comms game” for a long time. I’ve worked for high-tech billion-dollar valued companies, small businesses, philanthropies and pretty much everything in between. I pride myself on being able to cross industries, cut through the BS and translate everything from complex financial matters to cloud-based computing to wireless networking solutions – all in the name of effective communications. But it was a cool Californian RF engineer named Mike who made one of the biggest impacts on

About Us

At Riverpoint, we work with forward thinking, progressive clients in a variety of industries, including non-profit, high-tech, trade associations, wireless telecom, food & consumer products and software development. We have successfully partnered for 10+ years, and have 20+ years of combined communications and marketing background/skills to help clients with:

• Writing/content creation
• Branding/re-branding
• Social media strategy/campaigns
• Media relations support
• Membership & customer communications
• Major event communications/marketing